Most Popular Publications and Tools

Selected Popular Publications and Tools

Energy Efficient Product Procurement

Wang, Liyang, and Christopher T Payne. "Changing Institutional Procurement Behavior to Achieve Energy Savings." 2018 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Pacific Grove, CA, 2018. LBNL-2001182.

Facility Savings Support: Measurement and Verification

Coleman, Philip, Shankar Earni, Bob Slattery, and Christine Walker. "M&V in ESPC: The U.S. Federal Experience and Implications for Developing ESPC Markets." energise 2020 ENERGY INNOVATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY 2020: 216-221.
Earni, Shankar, and Peter L Therkelsen. "Non-routine adjustments – towards standardizing M&V approach for quantifying the effects of static factors." eceee Industrial Efficiency 2020 - DECARBONISE INDUSTRY!. 2020.

Energy Management

Using Industry’s Own Words
Fuchs, Heidi, Arian Aghajanzadeh, and Peter L Therkelsen. Using Industry’s Own Words to Evaluate ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Adoption. Berkeley: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2018.

Popular Tools


Data Center Energy Efficiency Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance and a logical sequence for users to employ the CoE Tools in order to achieve energy efficiency in their data centers.






Data Center Profiler (DC Pro) Tools

The Data Center Profiler (DC Pro) and the PUE Estimator are “early stage” scoping tools designed for data center owners and operators to diagnose how energy use is distributed in their data center and determine ways to save energy and money. Both DC Pro and the PUE Estimator estimate Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), the industry standard for understanding and improving the energy efficiency of data center infrastructure systems. Results from the tools can be exported as stand-alone reports or included in other reporting material.

Air Management Tools

The Air Management Tool was developed to accelerate energy savings in data centers without affecting the thermal IT equipment environment by assessing the data center air-management status.














Data Center Electrical Power Chain Tool

This Excel-based tool helps data center owners identify energy efficiency opportunities in the electrical power chain of a data center (transformers, generators, UPSs, power distribution units), plus lighting. The tool quantifies the energy and cost savings of the selected measures and calculates the payback periods for each measure. This new version, released in March 2020, offers a cleaner interface, a wider array of UPS load factors and control options (includes "ecomode"), and updated efficiency curves.




IT Equipment Energy Assessment Tool

The Department of Energy's (DOE) Microsoft Excel based IT equipment energy assessment tool was developed to help accelerate the energy savings in data centers by identifying opportunities through IT equipment upgrades.


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