Webinar on California Demand Response Potential Study Phase 3

February 28th 2020

California Demand Response Potential Study Phase 3

On February 28, 2020, Berkeley Lab hosted a webinar on the draft final report for Phase 3 of the California Demand Response Potential Study.

The report considers the potential in California for a new type of demand response called Shift. Shift aims to alter the timing of customer loads to help mitigate the challenges of a high renewable penetration that are embodied in the California "duck curve", including steep ramps in generation and curtailment of renewables.

The study finds a substantial potential Shift resource in California, which may be sufficient to mitigate a large portion of the curtailment observed in recent years. As renewable penetration continues to increase through 2030, however, the challenges facing the grid may outpace the capacity of Shift to respond under today's technological landscape. The report identifies opportunities for accelerated growth in the Shift resource within a transformed market and discusses pathways to achieving such a transformation.  

 The webinar (link below) also lays out the plan for Phase 4 of the Potential Study, to take place in 2020-21

Download PDF: Slides for the Webinar: California Demand Response Potential Study Phase 3