GridWise® Architecture Council Awards Outstanding Technical Papers at Grid-Interop 2012

January 29th 2013

The GridWise® Architecture Council, or GWAC, recognized four outstanding technical papers at this year’s Grid-Interop Forum. The GWAC leaders who presented the awards say these papers help industry chart a clearer vision for smart grid interoperability, or demonstrate how the various components of an advanced electrical power system can and should work together.

"The ideas represented in these research papers can have an impact in our national effort to help modernize and expand America's electric power system to ensure our economic wellbeing and national security," said GWAC Chairman Erich Gunther.

Erich Gunther and GWAC Administrator Ron Melton presented the awards during the forum's closing ceremonies in the categories of architecture, cross-cutting issues, information interoperability, and business and policy.


"Understanding Microgrids as the Essential Architecture of Smart Energy" (PDF 392KB), by Toby Considine, principal, TC9; William Cox, principal, Cox Software Architects LLC; and Edward G. Cazalet', CEO, TeMIX, Inc.

Cross-Cutting Issues:

"Testing and Certification for Green Button" (PDF 358KB), by Dr. Martin J. Burns, president, Hypertek, Inc.

Information Interoperability:

"The Critical Next Step for Interoperability: Designing and Implementing Interfaces between Standards" (PDF 419KB), by Gary McNaughton, vice president, Cornice Engineering, Inc.; Linda Rankin, Test Architect, QualityLogic; and James Mater, general manager, smart grid and director, QualityLogic, Inc.

Business and Policy:

"Demand Response Providing Ancillary Services – A Comparison of Opportunities and Challenges in the US Wholesale Market" (PDF 295KB), by Jason MacDonald, senior scientific engineering associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Peter Cappers, Principle Scientific Engineering Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Duncan Callaway, Assistant Professor, University of California; and Sila Kiliccote, Program Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The Grid-Interop Forum is an annual event focused on smart grid interoperability standards and technologies – defining the interoperability framework necessary for smart grid efforts to flourish.