OpenADR 2.0 Briefing to Stakeholders and Industry

December 21st 2010

Purpose: Facilitate OpenADR stakeholders' understanding and comments on draft OpenADR v2.0 profiles.

Background: OpenADR is standardized by standards body. The body released draft for public review, ending Dec. 27.

Briefing: Update on OpenADR v2.0 within national Smart Grid standards activity, links to OpenADR v1.0, and draft review.


  • Backward compatibility of commercial deployments to be retained.
  • Further revisions based on stakeholder inputs and requirements.
  • Public comments will address wider industry/stakeholder needs.

Next Steps:

  • OpenADR v2.0 will become formal standards (in/before Summer 2011).
  • Industry represented OpenADR Alliance will advance OpenADR v2.0.
  • OpenADR standards will go through regulatory process for adoption.