Ali Hasanbeigi

Ali Hasanbeigi

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As of January 3, 2017 Dr. Ali Hasanbeigi has left Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is now Founder, CEO, and Research Director at Global Efficiency Intelligence, LLC. which is an energy efficiency and decarbonization consulting firm in St. Petersburg, Florida. He continues to be a strategic advisor to the China Energy Group at LBNL.

While at LBNL, Ali Hasanbeigi was a Research Scientist in the China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Hasanbeigi led and managed projects on energy system efficiency, resource efficiency, demand side management, emissions reduction and sustainability, economic and technology assessment in industry sector. He worked with multiple stakeholders including think tanks, academia, companies, utilities, and governments in China and the U.S.

Dr. Hasanbeigi has extensive and in-depth knowledge of energy systems efficiency, demand side management and techno-economic analysis for energy and resource efficiency in industry particularly in the cement industry, iron and steel industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, textile industry, glass industry, electric motor systems, boiler and steam systems. In addition, he has done significant work on integrated energy modeling, technology evaluation and management, industry and technology roadmap development, energy-water nexus, quantification of air pollution reduction and health benefits of energy efficiency, emission control technologies, energy analysis tools development, international cooperation and strategic partnership.

Dr. Hasanbeigi has a total of over 100 publications, including 30 peer-reviewed international journal articles, 30 refereed international conference papers, and 40 peer-reviewed reports. He also served as a contributing author for Industry Chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Fifth Assessment Report on Mitigation of Climate Change. Dr. Hasanbeigi was the lead guest editor of China Special Issue on “Resource Efficiency in Chinese Industry” in international journal of Resources, Conservation & Recycling. He has also served as an invited peer-reviewer for various publications of International Energy Agency and various international journals.

Dr. Hasanbeigi has also worked as an international energy efficiency consultant for the World Bank and UNIDO. He received his bachelor and master degree in textile technology engineering and his Ph.D. in energy technology.


Journal and Editorial Board Memberships

Resource Conservation and Recycling (Special issue on Resource Efficiency in Chinese Industry), Special Issue Guest Editor