AUTOMATED REGISTER V1.0.3: User Manual for Using the Automated Register of Implemented Actions

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The Automated Register of the Implemented Actions (The "Register") is designed to assist you in your path towards Superior Energy Performance (SEP®) certification and complements the SEP® Measurement and Verification (M&V) Protocol.

Completion of this Register does not guarantee certification. If you are not pursuing SEP® certification, you can still use this Register to organize and track your energy performance. This Register will summarize the key details of the implementation of each action, including action description, actual energy savings, source of energy savings determination, and responsible party. All actions affecting the energy performance improvement over the achievement period should be included, regardless of whether the action is associated with ISO 50001 "Action Plans" or "Significant Energy Uses". The Register should reflect energy savings over the reporting period; typically, this will be annual savings.

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