Renewables Acquisition

We drive resilience, safety and performance of distributed energy resources through research and provision of technical expertise, chiefly to the public sector. We identify and solve challenges across the life cycle of renewable systems from planning, siting and design through operations and maintenance. Our goal is ensuring public entities can rely on resilient, cost-effective renewable energy performance through and beyond system design life.

Renewables Procurement 

We deliver technical analysis and acquisition expertise primarily to public entities pursuing onsite photovoltaic (PV) and storage systems. We promote best practices in contracting, design, construction and operations to ensure the safe, reliable and economic performance of these systems. 

Solar Photovoltaic Resiliency 

Maximizing the durability of solar hardware in severe weather is a vital yet underappreciated element of broader energy resilience. Ensuring public entities remain powered and able to provide services requires an understanding of storm dynamics, engineering, risk assessment and fault analysis. We draw on lessons in PV resilience from across federal sites to improve the standard of practice across the broader solar community.

Solar Photovoltaic Operations and Maintenance 

We provide public and private sector agencies with tools and guidance to procure effective O&M services. More than 90% of U.S. distributed photovoltaic systems were built in the past decade, a reflection of tremendous growth in demand. Entities are installing these systems to reduce energy costs, achieve sustainability goals and provide backup power during grid outages, among other reasons. Effective O&M is essential to realizing those aims, as well as maintaining the economic viability, performance and longevity of any PV system. 

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