About Us

About Us
The Building Technology & Urban Systems Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab advances energy efficiency in the built environment—one of the world's most critical energy and environmental challenges. Through research, partnership programs, and software tools, we promote energy and cost savings while improving comfort, health, and safety.

Why Do We Need Energy-Efficient Buildings? Solar Optical Properties Laboratory

U.S. buildings…

  • Use 71% of the nation's electricity
  • Use 54% of the nation's natural gas
  • Emit 40% of the nation's greenhouse gases

What We Do

  • Whole building and system diagnostics to assess and improve efficiency
  • Advanced control systems and sensors to optimize and automate efficiency
  • Windows, daylighting, and lighting system strategies and materials to reduce energy use
  • Cool roofs and pavements to save energy and mitigate summer urban heat islands
  • Energy efficient high-tech buildings (data centers, labs, clean rooms)
  • Simulation models and benchmarking tools to evaluate new methods
  • Demonstrations and deployment of advanced technologies
  • Commercial & Residential Building Systems