The Building Technology and Urban Systems Division (BTUS) works closely with industry to develop technologies for buildings that increase energy efficiency, and improve the comfort, health, and safety of building occupants.
BEST Institute participants Read More
Cool Roofs Team: Back row, L to R: Paul Berdahl, Thomas Kirchstetter, Hugo Destaillats, Haley Gilbert, Sharon Chen Front row, L to R: Hashem Akbari (Concordia University), Ronnen Levinson Not pictured: Mohamad Sleiman, George Ban-Weiss (formerly of LBL) Read More
The Portable Window Energy Meter — jointly developed by researchers from Brazil and the United States — can reduce energy losses in buildings by measuring and assessing the energy performance of windows without removing them from their site. Read More
A thermal image of the Hansen Federal Building in Ogden, Utah, where Berkeley Lab performed a window retrofit study. (Credit: Berkeley Lab Windows and Envelope Materials Group) Read More
Berkeley Lab researchers found a way to make ruby red coatings as cool as white coatings. (Credit: Marilyn Chung/Berkeley Lab) Read More