Explore this list of educational resources related to building technology and urban systems. 


Find resources related to efficient windows, including an overview of window technology terminology at

Building Science & Technology Education 

The Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center promotes better building performance through the advancement of building science and technician education. The BEST website contains many instructional materials and video resources:

Home Decarbonization 

A seminar series hosted by the Berkeley Lab Residential Building System Group, focusing on the hands-on experiences of homeowners, architects, and contractors working on home electrification and decarbonization, is available for on-demand viewing at

Heat Islands

Learn more about the basics of urban heat islands and strategies to reduces their severity like cool roofing at

Industrial Applications 

View resources related to industrial energy and water management practices and policymaking at

Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs)

A national roadmap for GEBs, including 14 recommendations:

Smart Energy Analytics

Uncover deep energy and cost savings with Energy Management and Information Systems: