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Granderson, Jessica, Samir Touzani, Samuel Fernandes, and Cody Taylor. "Application of Automated Measurement and Verification to Utility Energy Efficiency Program Data ." (2017).PDF icon PDF (1.13 MB)
Breunig, Hanna, Ling Jin, Alastair Robinson, and Corinne Scown. "Bioenergy Potential from Food Waste in California." Environmental Science & Technology (2017).
Gilbert, Haley E., Pablo J. Rosado, George Ban-Weiss, John T. Harvey, Hui Li, Benjamin H. Mandel, Dev Millstein, Arash Mohegh, Arash Saboori, and Ronnen M. Levinson. Energy and environmental consequences of a cool pavement campaign., 2017.PDF icon PDF (5.15 MB)
Maccarini, Alessandro, Michael Wetter, Alireza Afshari, Goran Hultmark, Niels Bergsoe, and Anders Vorre. "Energy saving potential of a two-pipe system for simultaneous heating and cooling of office buildings." Energy and Buildings 134 (2017): 234-247.PDF icon PDF (2.41 MB)
Levinson, Ronnen M., Haley E. Gilbert, Melvin Pomerantz, John T. Harvey, and George Ban-Weiss. Recent cool pavement research highlights: Quantifying the energy and environmental consequences of cool pavements., 2017.PDF icon PDF (766.29 KB)
Vossos, Vagelis, Karl Johnson, Margarita Kloss, Mukesh Khattar, Daniel Gerber, and Richard E. Brown. Review of DC Power Distribution in Buildings: A Technology and Market Assessment., 2017.PDF icon PDF (2.23 MB)
Franconi, Ellen M., Matt Gee, Miriam L. Goldberg, Jessica Granderson, Tim Guiterman, Michael Li, and Brian Arthur Smith. The Status and Promise of Advanced M&V: An Overview of “M&V 2.0” Methods, Tools, and Applications. Berkeley: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2017.PDF icon PDF (1.42 MB)
Lin, Guanjing, Rupam Singla, and Jessica Granderson. Using EMIS to Identify Top Opportunities for Commercial Building Efficiency Guanjing. Berkeley: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2017.PDF icon PDF (4 MB)
Ganguly, Suprotim, Sanyukta Raje, Satish Kumar, Dale A. Sartor, and Steve E. Greenberg. Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Indian Data Centers: Final Report for Phase I Activities., 2016.PDF icon PDF (3.15 MB)
Granderson, Jessica, Samir Touzani, Claudine Y. Custodio, Michael D. Sohn, David A. Jump, and Samuel Fernandes. "Accuracy of Automated Measurement and Verification (M&V) Techniques for Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings." Applied Energy 173 (2016): 296-308.PDF icon PDF (3.31 MB)
Earni, Shankar. Advanced Metering Installations – A Perspective from Federal Sites., 2016.PDF icon PDF (2.34 MB)
Chen, Yixing, Xuan Luo, and Tianzhen Hong. "An Agent-Based Occupancy Simulator for Building Performance Simulation.", 2016.PDF icon PDF (1.86 MB)
Rao, Prakash, Paul Sheaffer, Aimee T. McKane, and Paul Scheihing. "Assessing Energy Efficiency Opportunities in US Industrial and Commercial Building Motor Systems." In Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems, 2015., 2016.PDF icon PDF (243.26 KB)
Regnier, Cynthia, Paul A. Mathew, Alastair Robinson, Peter Schwartz, and Travis Walter. "Beyond Widgets – Systems Incentive Programs for Utilities." ACEEE (2016).PDF icon PDF (905.44 KB)
Granderson, Jessica, and Guanjing Lin. "Building Energy Information Systems: Synthesis of Costs, Savings, and Best-practice Uses." Energy Efficiency (2016).PDF icon PDF (911.76 KB)
Granderson, Jessica, Marco Bonvini, Mary Ann Piette, Janie Page, Guanjing Lin, and Lily R. Hu. "Can We Practically Bring Physics-based Modeling Into Operational Analytics Tools?" Proceedings of the 2016 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Pacific Grove, CA, August 2016 (2016).PDF icon PDF (897.88 KB)
Singh, Reshma, Paul A. Mathew, Jessica Granderson, Rohini Srivastava, and Yash Shukla. Caring for the Energy Health of Healthcare Facilities U.S.– India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD)., 2016.PDF icon PDF (2.93 MB)
Mathew, Paul A., Nancy Wallace, Elena Alschuler, and Leonard Kolstad. "Commercial mortgages: An underutilized channel for scaling energy efficiency investments?" In ACEEE., 2016.PDF icon PDF (604.92 KB)
Less, Brennan, Iain S. Walker, and Sara Ticci. Development of Smart Ventilation Control Algorithms for Humidity Control in High-Performance Homes in Humid U.S. Climates., 2016.PDF icon PDF (6.29 MB)
Johnson, Karl, Vagelis Vossos, Margarita Kloss, Gerald Robinson, and Richard E. Brown. "Direct Current as an Integrating Platform for ZNE Buildings with EVs and Storage: DC Direct Systems - A Bridge to a Low Carbon Future." In ACEEE 2016 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Pacific Grove, California, 2016.PDF icon PDF (302.47 KB)
Mathew, Paul A., Philip Coleman, Nancy Wallace, Paulo Issler, Lenny Kolstad, and Robert Sahadi. Energy Factors in Commercial Mortgages: Gaps and Opportunities., 2016.PDF icon PDF (1.73 MB)
Iyer, Maithili, Satish Kumar, Sangeeta Mathew, Hannah Stratton, Paul Mathew, and Mohini Singh. Establishing a Commercial Buildings Energy Data Framework for India: A Comprehensive Look at Data Collection Approaches, Use Cases and Institutions., 2016.PDF icon PDF (1.27 MB)
Singer, Brett C., Brennan Less, William W. Delp, Andrew D. Brooks, Sebastian Cohn, and Brian Finn. A Field Study of Wall Furnace Venting and Coincident Exhaust Fan Usage in 16 Northern CA Apartments., 2016.
Berdahl, Paul, Sharon S. Chen, Hugo Destaillats, Thomas W. Kirchstetter, Ronnen M. Levinson, and Michael A. Zalich. "Fluorescent Cooling of Objects Exposted to Sunlight - The Ruby Example." Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 157 (2016): 312-317.
Leifer, Ira, Christopher Melton, Jason Frash, Marc L. Fischer, Xinguang Cui, John Murray, and David S. Green. Fusion of Mobile In Situ and Satellite Remote Sensing Observations of Chemical Release Emissions to Improve Disaster Response., 2016.PDF icon PDF (2.14 MB)