CalTestBed Program

CalTestBed is seeking applications for prototypes ready for testing and validation from entrepreneurs across California.

How to Apply


The CalTestBed 2021 solicitation opened February 25 and the deadline is March 19.

New Energy Nexus (formerly CalCEF) administers the CalTestBed program solicitation, which is sponsored by the California Energy Commission and provides $8.8 million in testing vouchers to clean energy innovators.

CalTestBed will allow access to unique facilities and labs across the UC system, including FLEXLAB® and several other Berkeley Lab facilities. More than 30 testing facilities throughout the University of California system are listed as “testbeds” in the CalTestBed Directory. Voucher recipients will ultimately be matched with a testbed that can test their proposed technology.

Please visit the CalTestBed website as well as the CalTestBed directory and the Application Manual for more information. 


Berkeley Lab Contacts:

For questions related to the capabilities of Berkeley Lab testing facilities, please reach out to:

Berkeley Lab's PI for CalTestBed: Cindy Regnier

Berkeley Lab's CalTestBed Program Ombudsperson: Alecia Ward