Coming Down the Pike: Long-Haul Trucks Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

October 12, 2020

Hydrogen fuel cells are on the rise: Germany has rolled out hydrogen-powered trains, the San Francisco Bay Area will soon see the nation’s first hydrogen fuel cell ferry, and sales of fuel-cell vehicles are up globally. It’s a technology with the potential to provide a variety of clean energy options, especially in transportation.

Now the Department of Energy has announced several major investments to take hydrogen fuel cells to the next level, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is set to play a leading role in providing the scientific expertise to help realize DOE’s ambitious goals.

With funding of $112 million over five years from DOE, subject to appropriations, 10 DOE national labs have been selected to participate in two new consortia and a third continuing one to advance this clean energy technology, improving the durability, lifetime, and efficiency of fuel cells.

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Julie Chao