Armando Casillas

Armando Casillas

Technology Researcher II


Armando is a Senior Scientific Engineering Associate, and has been at LBNL since 2019. He works on a number of projects related to building energy efficiency, grid-interactiveness and flexibility, advanced HVAC controls, thermal energy storage and HVAC fault detection and diagnostics. During his undergraduate years, Armando worked as an Energy Analyst at UC Merced Facilities Management where he was exposed to highly automated building systems, including HVAC, and has also worked for the Energy Conservation Office at UC Davis performing continuous commissioning. His Masters work was conducted at the Western Cooling Efficiency Center, which involved wireless sensing for building leakage diagnostic applications. Armando holds a M.S in Energy Systems from UC Davis and a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from UC Merced.


M.S. Energy Systems, University of California, Davis, 2019
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Merced, 2016


Spot: Armando Casillas -  September 26th 2022

Leadership in conducting HIL experiments in FLEXLAB during Winter 2022 Innovation in the redesign of the experiment Ability to harmoniously coordinate the work of multiple actors.

Spot: Armando Casillas -  May 17th 2022

For outstanding support in representing ETA research to DOE Secretary Granholm (and company) on her recent visit to LBNL.

Spot: Team Workforce Development -  August 18th 2021

For contributions to the Lab's Workforce Development & Education programs in Spring and/or Summer of 2021, and for supporting research experiences for undergraduates, teachers, and faculty collaborators.

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