Heidi Fuchs

Heidi Fuchs

Policy Researcher II
(510) 486-6839


Heidi Fuchs conducts collaborative research to support climate and water resilience across multiple subject domains. She helps lead the Industrial Applications team's energy management systems research portfolio, with current projects including:
  • Understanding behavioral and organizational change at companies implementing energy management systems and communicating their benefits with the aim of increasing their uptake as a path to decarbonization;
  • Advancing knowledge about the risks and resilience of manufacturing water supplies;
  • Advising colleagues on applying social science research methods to various energy-related research questions; and
  • Serving on LBNL's Human Subjects Committee.
Heidi earned her M.S. in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to investigating the social dimensions of environmental change and adaptation. Before this, she worked for five years in various capacities in the environmental field in California, south India, Washington, DC, Massachusetts, and Texas, gaining experience in energy and environmental research, policy, and advocacy, water resources and access, geographic information systems, and land management.


M.S., Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley
B.A., European Studies, Amherst College
Certificate with Distinction in Project Management, UC Berkeley Extension


Spot: Heidi Fuchs -  February 22nd 2022

For persistence in developing a robust and scalable data collection system that protects human subjects' privacy while engaging multiple external collaborators.

Spot: Heidi Fuchs -  August 10th 2018

Diligently led the design, review and HARC protocol of surveys that advance the understanding of the barriers that water suppliers and growers in California face to reduce the energy used for groundwater pumping.