Reshma Singh

Reshma Singh

Technology Researcher III
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Reshma Singh is a Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office.

Concurrently, at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, she leads the technology-to-market IMPEL and Cradle to Commerce incubation engines. She previously managed  the Presidential U.S.-India Center for Building Energy Research and Development (CBERD) and the California Energy Commission's R2M2 Microgrids program. Singh brings over 10 years of experience advancing urban sustainability and cleantech innovation, and working with complex international ecosystems in the United States, India, and Singapore. Reshma’s work lies at the intersection of design and technology of smart buildings and cities, with a focus on energy, data analytics and UX, and IoT sensors and controls.

Singh holds two cleantech patents. She is the lead author of Building Innovation Guide, Transforming India’s Built Environment: A 2050 Vision for Wellness and Resilienceand is a contributor to Mutations: Harvard Project on the City and The Bay Area-Silicon Valley and India: Convergence and Alignment in the Innovation Age. She is on the Advisory Board for the Carbon Leadership Forum. She has previously served on the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) Smart Buildings and Power and Energy group, and on the Advisory Council for the State Department’s international TechWomen program ( 

Singh previously co-founded GreenExcel, an online education platform. She is a recipient of the American Association of University Women award, Harvard University’s Community Service Fellowship and has taught graduate seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and at University of California, Berkeley. Apart from her professional life, she teaches dance and has co-produced an acclaimed children's musical. She holds a master's degree from Harvard University, and a bachelor's degree in architecture from New Delhi, India.


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Selected Projects

IMPEL+ Building Technologies Tech-to-Market

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R2M2 Resilient, Replicable, Modular Microgrids 

CBERD U.S.-India Joint Center for Building Energy Research and Development

Building Innovation Guide (BIG) for India

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  • Harvard Community Service Award
  • American Association of University Women International Fellowship                          



  • Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certification, Stanford University, 2021
  • Masters in Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, 1999
  • Bachelors in Architecture, TVB School of Habitat Studies, India 1995


Professional Associations

  • Carbon Leadership Forum, Advisory Board
  • U.S. Department of State Tech Women, Council Member
  • Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA), Smart Building Working Group Member





Net Zero World South East Asia Center For Innovation in the Built Environment (SEIBE)

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Thermal anomaly and rooftop unit (RTU) detection in buildings through machine learning

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Scaling Building Energy Audits through Machine Learning Methods on Novel Drone Image Data

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Transforming India's Built Environment: A 2050 Vision for Wellness and Resilience

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A Community Energy Operations and Planning System: Concept, Use cases, Metrics, and Benefits

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Machine Learning for Automated Extraction of Building Geometry

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Evaluation of the Need for and Design of a City Energy Operations System

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Energy Information Systems: From the Basement to the Boardroom

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R&D and Implementation Outcomes From The U.S.-India Bilateral Center For Building Energy Research And Development Program

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Energy Modeling in Urban Districts: Forecast of multi-sector Energy Use and GHG Emissions

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Evaluation of an Integrated Pipe Water Cooling Strategy to Improve BIPV Structure Performance

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Review of City Energy and Emissions Analysis Needs, Methods & Tools

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Packaged Scalable Energy Information Systems for Hotels

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Building Innovation: A Guide For High-Performance Energy Efficient Buildings In India

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Caring for the Energy Health of Healthcare Facilities 

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Climate-Specifc Modeling and Analysis for Best-Practice Indian Office Buildings 

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The Role of International Partnerships in Delivering Low- Energy Building Design: A Case Study of the Singapore Scientific Planning Process

AUTHORS: Parrish, KristenReshma Singh, and Szu-Cheng Chien.



Collaborative research to promote energy efficiency innovation towards significant reduction in buildings energy use in the United States and India

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Building Energy Benchmarking in India: An Action Plan for Advancing the State-of-the-Art

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Guidelines for Datacenter Energy Information System

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Best Practices Guide for High - Performance Indian Office Buildings

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Sustainable Campus with Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Microgrid

AUTHORS: Kumar, K. NandhaB. SivaneasanP.L. SoH.B. GooiNilesh JadhavReshma Singh, and Chris Marnay.



Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certification, Stanford University, 2020
Masters in Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, 1999
Bachelors in Architecture, TVB School of Habitat Studies, India 1995