Unique Karki

Unique Karki

Technology Researcher II


As an Energy/Environmental Researcher, Mr. Karki conducts research to support climate resilience in the U.S. manufacturing sector. His projects include:

• Manufacturing sector carbon abatement through energy efficiency, fuel-switching, low-carbon fuels such as biogas through efforts such as U.S. DOE's Industrial Decarbonization Roadmaps. • Manufacturing water and wastewater management, and their energy and environmental justice implications • GHG emissions accounting through carbon and energy reporting protocols for manufacturing processes, such as power, process heat, and water-related systems • Industrial energy management practices with regard to 50001 Superior Energy Performance and 50001 Ready • U.S. DOE's Industrial Technology Validation where manufacturing facilities and technology vendor measure and validate innovative technology and their energy savings potential

Mr. Karki received his Master's in Industrial Engineering with a focus on manufacturing from West Virginia University.


Industrial Engineering, Master of Science, West Virginia University, 2020


2023 R&D 100 Award: R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year -  August 29th 2023

The Energy Management Systems Team receives the R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year Award from R&D World for its ongoing international efforts to advance energy management business practices in the commercial, manufacturing, and institutional sectors. The team has collectively built on each other’s strengths to make a profound impact in their respective fields. By leveraging their diverse academic and personal backgrounds, the team has created a technical program that reaches people working in all sectors of the economy. The team has published international standards, conducted original research, delivered technical assistance to organizations globally, developed professional workforce certification programs, and partnered with private and public sector organizations to accelerate the deployment of energy management business practices. The team’s resources and practices have been adopted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide, including large and small manufacturers, regional hospital groups, government agencies, schools and universities, and corporate and boutique hotel chains. To learn more about energy management system business practices, visit 50001Ready.lbl.gov.