Application of the DNAS framework expansion to occupant population synthesis

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Research in occupant behaviour is now using a more elaborate framework of building occupant interaction. Researchers often face challenges in collecting data, particularly for the data to meet the minimum number of required data points and the data interoperability requirements. Researchers address the first issue with the synthetic population and the latter with data ontologies. While synthetic population is commonly used to address the first issue, data ontology development is used to address the latter. The two solutions are complementary to each other. One of the known ontologies in building occupant behaviour research is the Drivers-Needs-Actions-Systems (DNAS) ontology, which has been used by building modelers to describe energy-related occupant behaviour. This paper describes the ontology-based synthetic population generation that can be used in the agent-based modeling (ABM) applications. This paper considers multiple data sources, including ASHRAE Thermal Comfort DB II and IEA Annex 66 data sets. A case study of an office building is used to present the workflow of DNAS framework expansion, synthetic population generation, and agent-based modeling.


IBPSA Building Simulation Conference 2021

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