Coatings for Enhanced Photothermal Energy Collection II: Non-Selective and Energy Control Films

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Several types of coatings and surface preparations, other than selective absorbers, can be utilized for economical collection and control of solar energy. These films can be used for both solar thermal collectors and for window systems in buildings. Numerous non-selective, hot and cold mirror, and antireflective coatings are reviewed and tabulated. Detailed reflectance, emittance and thermal stability data are presented for these various coatings. Both moderately selective and non-selective absorbers consist of black paint, chemical conversion finishes, electroplated and anodized coatings. Both hot and cold mirror coatings are selective transmitters of energy. They are considered for applications where light and heat need to be separated and trapped. Antireflective films are evaluated for use on glass surfaces. The findings of this study reveal many different types of inexpensive and promising coatings for efficient utilization of solar energy.


Solar Energy Materials



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