Daylight in Dynamic Thermal Modelling Programs: a Case Study

TitleDaylight in Dynamic Thermal Modelling Programs: a Case Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsHaves, Philip, and Paul J. Littlefair
JournalBuilding Services Engineering Research & Technology
Start Page183
Date Published11/1988

Heating, cooling and lighting energy consumptions in buildings are inter-related, and a model which treats thermal performance and lighting simultaneously is required in order to evaluate the full benefits of daylighting in buildings. A lighting facility has been included in a dynamic building simulation program (SERI-RES) used in the Department of Energy's passive solar programme. Interior daylight illuminance is calculated using an extension of the daylight factor method. The lighting usage of various lighting systems is predicted from the daylight illuminance, and the thermal consequences of that lighting use included in the thermal simulation of the building. The applicability of the method described in this paper is not limited to SERI-RES. The method could be incorporated in any building energy analysis program intended for the UK or similar climates.

Short TitleBuilding Serv Eng Res Technol