Developing Practical Reflectors for Cylindrical and Compact Fluorescent Lamps Based on Nonimaging Optics

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This paper investigates the application of nonimaging concentrators to the design of reflectors for luminaires. An interpretation of the concentration ratio — a statement of the conservation of flux — relative to the properties of a source and reflector is given. The result is used to develop practical compound parabolic (CP) reflector geometries that accommodate modern lamps. For the cylindrical and compact fluorescent lamps, we use the concentration ratio to show how the size and output performance of the CP reflector can be improved relative to the luminous and geometric properties of the lamp. The paper concludes by considering the addition of a nonimaging louver as a potentially significant design step once the reflector has been suitably designed relative to the lamp. It is noted that accurate data on the luminous emitting properties of lamps is a prerequisite to the development of optimum compact reflector designs.

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Annual IEEE-IAS Conference

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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