Electrodeless HID Lamp Study: Final Report

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High intensity discharge lamps excited by solenoidal electric fields (SEF/HID) were examinedsfor their ability to give high brightness, high efficacy and good color. Frequencysof operation was 13.56 MHz (ISM Band) and power to the lamp plasma ranged fromsabout 400 to 1000 W. Radio frequency transformers with air cores and with air core complementedsby ferrite material in the magnetic path were used to provide the voltage forsexcitation. Electrical properties of the matching network and the lamp plasma were measuredsor calculated and total light from the lamp was measured by an integrating sphere.sEfficacies calculated from measurement were found to agree well with the positive columnsefficacies of conventional HID lamps containing only mercury, and with additives of sodium,sthallium, and scandium iodide. Recommendations for future work are given.

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