Functional Mock-Up Unit Import in EnergyPlus For Co-Simulation

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This paper describes how to use the recently implemented Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) for co-simulation import interface in EnergyPlus to link EnergyPlus with simulation tools packaged as FMUs. The interface complies with the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) for co-simulation standard version 1.0, which is an open standard designed to enable links between different simulation tools that are packaged as FMUs. This article starts with an introduction of the FMI and FMU concepts. We then discuss the implementation of the FMU import interface in EnergyPlus. After that, we present two use cases. The first use case is to model a HVAC system in Modelica, export it as an FMU, and link it to a room model in EnergyPlus. The second use case is an extension of the first case where a shading controller is modeled in Modelica, exported as an FMU, and used in the EnergyPlus room model to control the shading device of one of its windows. In both cases, the FMUs are imported into EnergyPlus which models the building envelope and manages the data-exchange between the envelope and the systems in the FMUs during run-time.


13th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation

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