Grid-Interactive Efficient Building Technology Cost, Performance, and Lifetime Characteristics

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• This study's objective is to develop current and projected performance, cost, and lifetime characteristics for residential and commercial building technologies and equipment with the potential to provide grid services.

• Enabling technologies for grid-interactive efficient buildings such as smart meters and distributed energy management software are out of scope for this report. Non-building technologies such as EV chargers and PV inverters were also out of scope.

• The list of technologies was developed based on data gathered from the DOE GEB Technical Report Series, ENERGY STAR Connected Certified Products, and input from researchers at LBNL and NREL.

• For each technology, characteristics are provided for a typical case and a connected or grid-interactive case. Where data was available, current DOE appliance standard levels are given. Definitions vary by technology and are provided with each data table.

• Current data is provided for 2020 and projections are available for 2030, 2040, and 2050.

• The data in this report will be used by LBNL as inputs to the Scout model to calculate potential energy and cost savings potential, though this data is public and may be used for other purposes.

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