HVAC Component Data Modeling Using Industry Foundation Classes

TitleHVAC Component Data Modeling Using Industry Foundation Classes
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBazjanac, Vladimir, James Forester, Philip Haves, Darko Sucic, and Peng Xu
Conference NameSystem Simulation in Buildings ’02
Date Published12/2002
Conference LocationLiège, Belgium
Other NumbersLBNL-51365

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) object data model of buildings is being developed by the International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI). The aim is to support data sharing and exchange in the building and construction industry across the life-cycle of a building.

This paper describes a number of aspects of a major extension of the HVAC part of the IFC data model. First is the introduction of a more generic approach for handling HVAC components. This includes type information, which corresponds to catalog data, occurrence information, which defines item-specific attributes such as location and connectivity, and performance history information, which documents the actual performance of the component instance over time. Other IFC model enhancements include an extension of the connectivity model used to specify how components forming a system can be traversed and the introduction of time-based data streams.

This paper includes examples of models of particular types of HVAC components, such as
boilers and actuators, with all attributes included in the definitions. The paper concludes by
describing the on-going process of model testing, implementation and integration into the
complete IFC model and how the model can be used by software developers to support
interoperability between HVAC-oriented design and analysis tools.

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