IISABRE: An integrated building simulation environment

TitleIISABRE: An integrated building simulation environment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsHong, Tianzhen, and Yi Jiang
JournalBuilding and Environment
Date Published1997
Type of ArticleResearch Article
Keywordsbtp, building simulation, dest, energy performance, gui

An integrated building simulation environment, IISABRE, is introduced. IISABRE consists of CABD, BTP and IISPAM. CABD is an AutoCAD-based building descriptor enabling users to draw a building and define information. Some design tools are built into CABD, and a STEP-based building database can be generated, which provides an open mechanism to share the building database with other programs. BTP is a program for the detailed dynamic simulation of building thermal performance. With a PC 486DX50 (8M RAM) running in MS-Windows 3.11, BTP needs about 40 minutes to calculate the annual hourly energy demand for a building with 20 zones. IISPAM is a knowledge-based system for translating the STEP-based building database into ASCII-based data files for BTP. IISABRE can be widely employed in the field of building environmental engineering in order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the thermal comfort of the indoor environment.