New Challenges in Contamination Control: The Leadership Role of IEST in Shaping Future Research and Practices

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A leading industrial standards writing organization since 1953, IEST has established seven tracks of Recommended Practices (RP) in the Standards and Practices (S&P) portion of the Contamination Control (CC) program, including the most recent program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. In addition, there are other parallel activities in IEST's Design, Test, and Evaluation and Product Reliability division. Within each of these programs, scientists, engineers, and contamination control professionals from all over the world interact closely in working group meetings, seminars, and tutorials. Together they have developed, published, and disseminated technical information and industrial standards, including RPs, Reference Documents (RDs), and ISO Standards to address ever evolving challenges in contamination control and sustainable development of the industries served by IEST.


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