Object-oriented hygrothermal building physics library as a tool to predict and to ensure a thermal and hygric indoor comfort in building construction by using a Predicted-Mean-Vote (PMV) control ventilation system

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The indoor temperature and humidity conditions of the building envelope are important parameters for the evaluation of the thermal and hygric indoor comfort. In the research project GENSIM a new hygrothermal building library, based on the object- and equation-oriented model description language Modelica® has been developed by the Fraunhofer Institutes IBP and FIRST. This library includes many models as for instance a hygrothermal wall model, an air volume model, a zone model, a window model and an environment model. Due to the object-oriented modelling approach, some models of this library can be configured to a complex hygrothermal room model, which can predict the time dependent indoor temperature and humidity conditions in a building construction. In this paper we will introduce in a first step the object-oriented hygrothermal room model of this library. In a second step, the validation of the room model with some field experiments will be shown. In a third step we willpresent some simulation results, we obtained by coupling the room model with an implemented Predicted-Mean-Vote (PMV) control ventilation system to predict and to ensure a thermal and hygric indoor comfort in one case study. In the conclusion, the possible range of future applications of this new hygrothermal building physics library and demands for further research are indicated.


8th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in the Nordic Countries 2008



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