Proceedings of the Lighting/Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference

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Conference Proceedings

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On March 18 and 19, 1982, a conference was held at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to discuss and identify any existing or potential problems of electromagnetic disturbances caused by light sources and lighting systems. Concern over possible problems has arisen as new lighting systems are developed to operate at high frequencies. These systems include solid-state ballasts, powerline communication, electrodeless fluorescent lamps, and phase-control systems.

The conference drew more than eighty participants. It consisted of one day of invited presentations and one day of breakout sessions, which met informally to discuss and share information about selected topics. The results of each group discussion were presented to the entire conference by the session chairmen.

This proceeding reviews the activities of the Lighting-Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference. It includes several of the papers that were presented, a summary of each breakout session in the format chosen by the various chairmen, a summary of the conclusions, and an outline of the future effort the lighting community must make in this area.

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Lighting/Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference, March 18-19, 1982

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Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA

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UC-95d, CONF-8203100, EEB-L 82-09, L-68