Test, Evaluation, and Report on Mercury Enrichment for Fluorescent Lamps

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This report summarizes results of fluorescent lamp studies carried out during the time period Jan. 1, 1984 to Dec. 31, 1984 by GTE Products corporation for the DOE under a subcontract from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories. The studies are divided into the following four areas: Magnetic Field Effects, Lamp Isotope Experiments, Modeling of Isotope Effects, and 196Hg Isotope Separation in a Flow Reactor.

In the previous annual report we mentioned preliminary results utilizing transverse magnetic fields with fluorescent lamps. Here effects of both axial and transverse magnetic fields are studied in more detail and under controlled lamp operating conditions. Effects of changes in the Hg isotopic distribution are also studied here but specifically for uncoated fluorescent lamps in which emitted U.V. radiation is measured. Monte-Carlo calculations were carried out to model the 253.7nm radiation transport process through a F40T/12 lamp. Solutions of the Holstein-Biberman equation were utilized to match the measured U.V. hfs and determine the near resonant energy transfer cross section. Finally, isotope separation process development continued with the goal of obtaining a reproducible high enrichment process. Substantial progress was also made in developing diagnostics for the enrichment process.

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EEB-L 85-09, L-106