THERM 5/WINDOW 5 NFRC Simulation Manual

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This document, the THERM 5 / WINDOW 5 NFRC Simulation Manual, discusses how to use the THERM and WINDOW programs to model products for NFRC certified simulations and assumes that the user is already familiar with those programs. In order to learn how to use these programs, it is necessary to become familiar with the material in both the THERM Users Manual and the WINDOW Users Manual. In general, this manual references the Users Manuals rather than repeating the information.

If there is a conflict between either of the User Manual and this THERM 5 / WINDOW 5 NFRC Simulation Manual, the THERM 5 / WINDOW 5 NFRC Simulation Manual takes precedence. In addition, if this manual is in conflict with any NFRC standards, the standards take precedence. For example, if samples in this manual do not follow the current taping and testing NFRC standards, the standards not the samples in this manual, take precedence.

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