Use of energy management systems for performance monitoring of industrial load-shaping measures

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We have studied the use of industrial energy management and control systems (EMCSs) for monitoring the performance of electric load-shaping measures in three of California's most electricity-intensive and rapidly growing industrial sectors: food, plastics, and computing equipment and electronics. In this paper, we summarize current load-shaping strategies, report on the current use of EMCSs in selected industries, and recommend ways for electric utility companies to verify the potential of EMCSs for performance monitoring. We conclude that EMCSs can be used to collect and store data for evaluating industrial load shaping. Some sophisticated EMCSs are currently being used for this purpose, mostly in larger electronics firms. Most EMCSs now available need to be customized to monitor a particular facility. We also conclude that electric utility companies can encourage the use of EMCSs for performance monitoring by helping to educate their industrial customers about EMCSs, establishing protocols to standardize communication between EMCSs, and testing EMCSs with data-logging functions at demonstration sites.





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