Ventilation Control Strategies for Buildings with Hydronic Radiant Cooling in Hot Humid Climates

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Conference Proceedings

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The paper describes the moisture control strategy used in the case of a multi-story office building located in a hot humid climate and estimates the energy consumed to dehumidify the ventilation air to avoid condensation. The results show that, in order to achieve a comfortable and stable environment from both thermal and humidity perspectives, the ventilation (and dehumidification) system of the building should be operated 24 h/day. If high variations in the relative humidity are acceptable, important energy savings can be achieved by switching off the ventilation system at night. When compared to an all-air system, the use of the hydronic radiant system for conditioning in a hot humid climate provides similar indoor comfort conditions and requires less energy and peak power to operate.

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Proceedings of the RoomVent 1996, Yokohama, Japan

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Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan