Virtual Building Environments - Applying Information Modeling to Buildings

TitleVirtual Building Environments - Applying Information Modeling to Buildings
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBazjanac, Vladimir
Conference NameEuropean Conference on Product and Process Modeling in the Building and Construction Industry (ECPPM) 2004
Date Published09/2004
Conference LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Call NumberLBNL-56072

A Virtual Building Environment (VBE) is a place where building industry project staffs can get help in creating Building Information Models (BIM) and in the use of virtual buildings. It consists of a group of industry software that is operated by industry experts who are also experts in the use of that software. The purpose of a VBE is to facilitate expert use of appropriate software applications in conjunction with each other to efficiently support multidisciplinary work. This paper defines BIM and virtual buildings, and describes VBE objectives, set-up and characteristics of operation. It informs about the VBE Initiative and the benefits from a couple of early VBE projects.

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