Integrated Systems Package for Building Renovation

Integrated Systems Package for Building Renovation

Building Renovation

This Integrated Systems Package (ISP) is a set of efficiency measures
that can be applied in conjunction with a Building Renovation

(Use other ISPs for Tenant Fit-out and RTU replacement). 


Efficiency Measures for Building Renovation

Benefits for Owners and Service Providers

Benefits for Owners and Service Providers

Toolkit Draft

This draft version of the Building Renovation ISP Toolkit includes a preliminary set of resources for review and use by stakeholders.

Note: The draft toolkit does not yet include results from laboratory and field testing which are currently in progress and will be made available as they are completed. The toolkit will continue to evolve based on these test results, as well as stakeholder feedback.  Your feedback is welcome and may be sent to [email protected]

1. Check applicability

Use the Applicability Checklist to determine if this ISP is a good fit for your project. 

2. Develop Requirements

Include the ISP in the project requirements. You can use the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) Template.

3. Define Scope of Work

Use the Specifications when developing your specifications for parts, execution and sequences of operation. 

4. Test and Commission

Use the Test Procedures during project commissioning to ensure that the components are functioning as intended. (Separate files for each procedure).

5. Operate and Maintain

Use the O&M Manual Template to develop maintenance procedures. Use the Troubleshooting Guides to solve common operational problems.

Download all the above resources (zip file)



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