Healthy Efficient New Gas Homes (HENGH) Field Study Protocol

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This field protocol describes the detail procedures for collecting indoor air quality, mechanical ventilation, and related parameters in 100 occupied California homes that were built to 2008 Title 24 standards. The protocol also includes procedures for the field team to prepare for the in-home visits, and follow up work to be performed by the field team, such as uploading data and sending samples to LBNL for chemical analysis.

The field team, led by Gas Technology Institute (GTI), may visit a home up to three times. GTI will coordinate the in-home visits with gas utility staffs from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas). GTI will describe the scope of the study, risks, and financial incentives to participants by going over the consent form on the phone. After that, a gas utility staff will schedule the first visit with the study participant. Prior to the first visit, GTI will inform study participants on how many field visits to expect and when.

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