Ready to Retrofit: The Process of Project Team Selection, Building Benchmarking, and Financing Commercial Building Energy Retrofit Projects

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This guide provides an introduction and overview to the retrofit process and then dives deeper into the key activities that an owner can influence most in the retrofit process: (1) Selecting Your Project Team, (2) Benchmarking Your Building, and (3) Financing Your Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Building Energy Retrofit Overview will provide you a simple explanation of the retrofit process, the project stages and the players involved.
  • Selecting Your Project Team will help you select both an internal team to plan and oversee your retrofit project, and an external team to perform the retrofit. The process provided for selecting a design team would also apply to contractor selection.
  • Benchmarking Your Building will help you understand the role of energy benchmarking in determining the scope of a retrofit project, how to select the right energy information system (EIS) for your building, and how to use the EIS to save energy.
  • Financing Your Energy Efficiency Projects provides you with multiple financing options and performance contracts to finance your retrofit.

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