Automated Measurement and Verification of Transactive Energy Systems, Load Shape Analysis, and Consumer Engagement

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A key goal of transactive energy systems is to facilitate scalable adoption of intermittent and distributed resources in grid modernization and improve overall operational efficiency of the electric grid. Given that buildings are 70% of the load on today's grid, it is critical to better understand electric load shapes, how to change them, and how to improve energy efficiency in buildings. Transactive energy systems must be able to transmit information about and facilitate changes in electric loads. A transactive system should provide an application platform that provides access to building data, allows analyses of energy transactions, and generates actionable information for building systems and operators, occupants, owners, and service providers. We present four use cases for a transactive energy network that show that in addition to the societal and economic benefits provided by real-time energy transactions, there are large benefits that are enabled by the transactive system infrastructure. We show that energy and outside temperature data provide useful information for evaluating electric loads in many buildings. We also present an example of the use of proxy occupancy data that help demonstrate the value that such data provide in identifying operational performance issues.


GridWise® Architecture Council Transactive Energy Conference

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