California Publicly‐Owned Utilities (POUs) – LBNL ‘Beyond Widgets’  Project  Task‐ambient lighting and occupancy‐based plug load control  System Program Manual 

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This program manual contains detailed technical information for implementing an incentive program for task‐ambient lighting and occupancy‐based plug load control. This manual was developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in collaboration with the California Publicly‐Owned Utilities (CA POUs) as a partner in the 'Beyond Widgets' program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Building Technologies Office. The primary audience for this manual is the program staff of the various CA POUs. It may also be used by other utility incentive programs to help develop similar programs.

It is anticipated that the content of this manual be utilized by the CA POU staff for developing related documents such as the Technical Resource Manual and other filings pertaining to the roll‐out of an energy systems‐based rebate incentive program.

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