Tianzhen Hong leads the Urban Systems Group which has staff with diverse expertise across three science areas of Berkeley Lab.

Those areas include:

  • Energy Technologies Area
  • Computational Research Division
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences Area

Members of the Urban Systems Group include:


Building Technology and Urban Systems Division Staff

Scientific Division Director
Energy/Environmental Policy Staff Scientist/Engineer
Computational Staff Scientist/Engineer
Energy/Environmental Policy Staff Scientist/Engineer
Mechanical Staff Scientist/Engineer
Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer
Scientific Engineering Associate
Program Manager
Scientific Engineering Associate

Other Energy Technologies Area Staff

Max Wei, Marta Gonzalez, Adrian Albert, Corinne Scown, Hanna Breunig, Nan Zhou, Paul Waddell, Rahul Chopra

Earth and Environmental Sciences Area Staff

Andrew Jones, Peter Nico

Computational Research Division Staff

Hans Johansen, Peter Nugent