EMIS Field Evaluation Protocol

EMIS Field Evaluation Protocol

The EMIS Field Validation Protocol was developed to provide a standardized approach to assessing the energy and non-energy benefits of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS). The primary target audience for this work comprises evaluators & researchers on:

  • Federal or state-sponsored emerging technology programs
  • Utility industry emerging technology programs
  • Large building portfolio pilot studies

In the absence of a standardized protocol for EMIS assessment, it can be challenging to find the data necessary to support the promotion, adoption, and further advancement of EMIS. This Protocol specifies a minimum set of standardized EMIS performance metrics, supplemented with a broader set of optional metrics. A project sponsor may also include any number of custom assessment metrics tailored to their specific needs, in addition to the minimum required criteria defined in this Protocol.

To complement the Protocol we have established a project results repository (see table below), and we encourage EMIS demonstration project sponsors to submit project reports for inclusion. Building a dataset of project results presented in a standardized format will provide a valuable resource for any stakeholder seeking reliable, consistent data on EMIS costs and benefits. 

Project Protocol Report Other Documents
Emerging Technology demonstration project funded by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). Model Based Predictive HVAC Control Enhancement Software (not named). Project reference number DR13SDGE0006 (2015). Demonstration results transferred to Protocol report format 2021 (right). Download Report
Demonstration project funded under U.S. Department of Defence's ESTCP Program. United Technologies' "aBEMS" tool, project reference number EW-201015 (2013). Demonstration results transferred to Protocol report format 2021 (right). Download Report


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